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Vote For The AFC West Ultimate Teams: CB

AFCWestUltimateTeamICYMI I’ve started a fan vote for the ultimate AFC West teams and did Tight Ends in the last poll. Here are the results from last week:

Chargers: Antonio Gates (92%)

I think people forget how dominant Kellen Winslow was for so long. That said, Gates is better statistically in every single category while playing against much harder competition.

Chiefs: Tony Gonzalez (90%)

Although Kelce made a good push (10%), Gonzo had to win. He’s the best Tight End of all time and it’s really not too close. He leads the position in every statistical category except touchdowns (Gates) and was one of the most durable players maybe ever.

Broncos: Shannon Sharpe (49%)

Julius Thomas made quite a run here, but Sharpe is such a force at the position. The best pure-receiving TE of all time in my opinion.

Raiders: Dave Casper (48%)

Look at those truck-sticks! Bah god! He isn’t much in comparison to the rest of these TEs, which are 3 of the top 5 of all time easily, but he was still a HOF talent.

Time to move on to cornerbacks, a position the Raiders have had on lock for a century.





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