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A Guy Robbed A Subway And Then Ran Back In To Grab The Sandwich He Ordered

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NORCROSS, Ga. (WGCL) — Police are searching for a robbery suspect who after holding up a Subway restaurant, forgot his sandwich and returned to retrieve it. Police say 34-year-old Zachary Miller was waiting for a sandwich at the Subway location on Medlock Bridge Road when he jumped over the counter, demanded cash and opened the cash register. He was able to obtain about $100 before fleeing. He then realized he had left the sandwich inside and went back to get it. He fled the scene in a black, 2003 Acura 3TS with the Tennessee license tag R9230J.

I get it. You gotta go back in and get that sandwich. People can shit on Subway all they want but their sandwiches are delicious. Scum bag tastes blah blah blah if you can’t sit down and enjoy and nice meatball sub from Subway then you have dainty tastes. You’re a little bitch, sorry to offend. Man up, toss a footlong Subway club down your feast hole, enjoy yourself and keep it moving. I hate how chain restaurants have gotten the rap that they suck. Uhhhhhh it’s actually the exact opposite. I’ve said it before but there’s a reason they can put a Burger King or a McDonalds anywhere and have a 10-mile long back up in the drive thru. Same goes for Subway. Pop up a Subway literally anywhere in the country and you’ll see a line out the door the next day. People who hate on chain places think they’re cool but they just have dainty tastes and are difficult to please on purpose and that’s annoying.

Anyway. The only qualm I have with this dude robbing a Subway is you can’t burn your robbery on a Subway. You gotta go somewhere where the score is gonna be higher. The article says the dude got away with $100 (and the sandwich he stole, of course). That’s simply not enough money to catch a charge for. I’m not saying he has to rob a bank but aim higher my man. Rob a grocery store where there’s a bunch of registers or a gas station where you can grab snacks along with the money. On the list of places to rob Subway has to be near the bottom if not THE bottom. Think it through.