Top 5 Father/Son Sporting Events You Should Definitely Skip


Everyone knows the bond between a father and son is one of life’s greatest blessings. When you mix in a little sports, well now you really have something special. I imagine there are some stoolies out there that are either fathers or about to be fathers, and while I am not I still feel like I have some special insight on this topic. A father/son trip to a sporting event can be a great way to bond, to make memories that might last a life time. But it’s important to remember what’s worth it and what’s not so you don’t even up doing something shitty. So without further ado, here is a list of things you should 100% of the time without hesitation skip out on with your Dad/son moving forward.

5. Any golf tournament

Look I don’t care if your Dad is a huge golf guy, don’t even waste your time. Most likely you’ll be standing for hours, you may get hit in the face with a golf ball, it’s simply not worth it. Plus, who wants to walk all that shit? Not me. Plus you’re going to be missing out on all these great shots because you’re on the wrong hole. Very frustrating. So just relax, put your feet up and watch it on TV.

4. Any marathon

What, watch people run? Look I love Marathon Monday as a person without kids, but I have to imagine it’s not exactly the best father/son bonding experience. Especially if the weather is shitty and you’re just standing there watching people hate their lives as they run like 25 miles? Boring.

3. A baseball game

I don’t care how much you may love the sport, no chance you’re going to be able to stay focused through that whole thing. Plus you’re going to have to buy your kid so much crap during the game to keep him awake/interested we’re talking about a 4+ hour, hundreds of dollar commitment. No, he doesn’t give a shit how you score a baseball game on a scorecard, he wants his 5th thing of cotton candy. What are you made of money? I didn’t think so.

2. A football game

Oh sure let’s just spend all the money we have so we can sit in the nosebleeds and probably get stabbed because someone is upset Tom Brady just won his 6th ring. But this doesn’t just apply to the Super Bowl, I’m saying all football games really. By far, going to a football game in person is the least enjoyable when compared to watching at home, and if this is an outdoor stadium you can forget about it. Next thing you know there’s some masshole throwing beer on you and your whole day is ruined as you now take 6 hours to get home. No thanks.

1. The Boston Celtics Opening Night even if your Dad is being honored and begged you to go for weeks.


Just trust me on this one. Skip it.