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The St. Louis Cardinals Hacker Chimed In With a Tweet From His Halfway House Last Night Mocking The Astros Cheating Scandal

I will take people least likely to tweet about the Houston Astros cheating debacle for $1000 Alex. Chris Correa, the man who was sent to prison for 46 months for illegally hacking the Astros database for the St. Louis Cardinals, chimed in last night out of the goddamn clouds as a little “I told you so.” This dude hasn’t tweeted in SEVEN YEARS and waited for this news to drop to say what’s up from his halfway house in DC. I love it. And it is definitely him based off who still follows him from the Cardinals.

So why would the guy who hacked the Astros have something to say here? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Well, in a statement sent from prison last year, Correa claimed he was only hacking the Astros servers because they were the ones who initially did it to the Cardinals first. Hmmmm…..

On December 21, 2011, a Houston Astros employee accessed propriety data on a St. Louis Cardinals server. Later I would learn – through unlawful matters – that Cardinals data were used extensively from 2012 through 2014. Houston Astros employees used the data to replicate and evaluate key algorithms and decision tools related to amateur and professional player evaluation. Many individuals throughout the Houston organization, including the General Manager and the Assistant General Manager, were included in e-mail discussions about these matters. -Yahoo Sports

Obviously this guy is still salty after seeing the Astros get caught last night, and it clearly is a big deal what is about to get unraveled. The Indians have filed a complaint from the ALDS, the Red Sox with this current ALCS, and I myself have submitted one for last year’s ALCS with the Yankees.

Let’s burn the Astros to the ground (after they beat the Red Sox in the ALCS).

P.S. It’s also possible the Astros hacked his twitter to try and put him away for more time so he can’t spill the beans and further screw them.