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The Beauty Of A Horse Face

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.58.29 AM

I’m far from a horse lover. But when he-who-must-not-be-named called she-who-works-facing-backwards a “horseface,” and the world exploded, I was confused. Since when is likening someone’s face to the face of a horse an insult? Horses are majestic creatures that have featured prominently in the development of civilization for hundreds, if not trillions, of years.

The first horses helped early man transport his logs back to the caves for firewood. Sometimes, when food was scarce, man would slaughter his horse for meat. As sad as that sounds, horse steak is delicious. I ate it in Iceland once. Though I think their edible horses are of a shorter, more tender variety.

As you can tell, that horse is both small and delicious.

I’m straying from the objective here because I’m hungry. The point was that horses are beautiful creatures. From their muscular hind flanks to their flowing manes; from their large, pondering eyes to their full, luscious lips. These animals are stunning, both in face and body. And that’s to say nothing of unicorns, centaurs, or other mythological cousins of the horse that may or may not exist in this realm.

Have you ever seen a wild stallion stride through the mist of a waterfall?

(Not exactly what I wanted, but the closest I could find.)

Clearly, any human whose face holds equine qualities should consider themselves lucky and should be praised for that resemblance, not mocked.

PS- for the record, I don’t see any horse in her face at all. Let’s not dole out those horse compliments willy-nilly…