French TV Show Accidentally Films A Cat Sprinting Head First Into A Glass Door And It's Glorious

What an idiot!  Stupid cats.  They can’t do anything right.  Learn how to see you ass hole wastes of space.  Cat people are always quick to say that cats are so much more intelligent than dogs and that they’re so much more sophisticated than dogs.  It’s their only line of defense against dogs who are hands down the greatest creatures to ever roam planet Earth.   After watching that video I find it hard to believe that cats are smarter than dogs.  My dog is for sure smart enough not to go bolting into a glass door at full speed and on top of that, she loves me unconditionally.  In reality cats are just asshole pets who are dumb as rocks.  And how about the sound it made when it hit the door?  That’s what made the video great for me.  Happy Friday indeed.