REBUTTAL: I Think Stormy Daniels May Be Making Fun Of Trump's Dick On Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.58.55 AM

Tough one-two punch for the Trumpster here. First he says the girl he allegedly banged is a horseface, then she says he has a tiny penis. Yikes. Tough. And this all comes less than a week after his wife (on an anti-bullying campaign) claimed to be the most bullied person in the world. His wife, who he allegedly cheated on with a pornstar, who he then called horseface, advocates for anti-bullying as he, with his allegedly tiny penis, bullies the pornstar to his 55 million twitter followers. Incredible. Usually Trump dominates this environment but something’s off today. Like a David Price in a postseason game, he just doesn’t have it.

PS — Laughed out loud when he followed up the Stormy stuff with this RT. What a juxtaposition.