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Dan Shaughnessy Tweets About Tedy Bruschi's 'Shrinkage.' Gee, What Could He Be Suggesting?


So the other day, Boston Globe writer Chad Finn through out a completely pedestrian Tweet about along the lines of “David Ortiz is a big man but Frank Thomas is really big”:

Which apparently wasn’t up to the Globe’s editorial standards because it didn’t insinuate the Patriots are a team of cheaters who hate each other when they’re not stealing money from special needs kids and by the way be sure to read our six part series on that murderer they enabled.

So, in order to rectify that situation, vindictive Bomb Tosser Emeritus Dan Shaughnessy came to the rescue:

Shrinkage! Nice one, Dan! Why would Tedy Bruschi be smaller now than his playing days? Hmmm? Hmmm? Wink wink nudge nudge. Way to say it without saying it, amirite?

That’s the kind petty, personal vendetta-driven axe-grinding that made Shank a legend among the seniors who can’t get enough old timey baseball stories, ’70s music references and complaining about how the internet has ruined everything!

To be clear, I’m very offended that Wendy Nix would be mentioned in this way. She’s a bright, talented, empowered woman. And using her to make your point about an ex-football player’s fighting ability is not only personally demeaning to her, but blatantly sexist. And a perfect example of something the Globe would denounce in angry editorials if someone from Barstool had said it. But we didn’t. Because we have standards and respect accomplished, competent career women. You should try to follow our example.

Even more offensive – if that’s possible – is the irresponsible suggestion the reason Tedy Bruschi is smaller than his playing weight is “shrinkage.” Implying he used to be on PEDs. Ignoring a little thing like Tedy being a stroke survivor:

But hey, what’s a little thing like Bruschi having a near death experience that could’ve left him permanently disabled when there’s personal attacks to be launched? And why would anyone give an inspirational, universally respected figure the benefit of the doubt that maybe his weight is down:

A) For his health
B) He’s not taking on blocks from 330lb blockers

…when there’s so much integrity to be questioned and so little time?

Not that the CHB doesn’t have his reasons. Let’s not forget that time the Kraft family sponsored a breakfast and he didn’t get invited. What choice does a once-influential writer for a once-profitable newspaper have but to carry out smear campaigns for the next 20 years or so? That’s how newspaper columnin’ was done back in his day, by cracky. And if going after a man’s reputation was good enough back in the glory days, it’s good for you whippersnappers.

Nice organization you’re running over there, John Henry.