Barstool Flexed On The Haters This Weekend

Chicks in the Office


Section 10


College Gameday Show


Sometimes I feel like we get lost in the mud here at Barstool. There are so many low life losers and haters on social media who hate us and twist facts to fit their agenda that it’s easy to forget that the Barstool brand is stronger than ever right now. This weekend was a perfect and I mean perfect example of the power and strength of Barstool. We had 3 radically different events spread in 3 different cities across the United States and all 3 were stone cold sell outs. We had Section 10 in Boston, Chicks in the Office in NYC and the College Gameday show in Michigan. All 3 events at capacity with the exact young demo every company and advertiser dies for. I defy you to find another media company that can do that and do it with ease. The facts are nobody can. Not Deadspin, not ESPN, not Bleacher Report. Nobody. That’s why we are the kings of new media. Do I like bragging about it and shoving our popularity in the haters faces? Yes. Yes I do.