You Gotta Be A Special Breed Of Hardo To Flying Leg Kick A Woman Standing On Second Base In Coed Kickball


Introducing the Charlie Hustle of coed recreational kickball, everyone. No mercy. No retreat. No surrender. Actually, I don’t even think Pete Rose would’ve had the asshole gall in him to attempt to break up a doubleplay in kickball. Like I said, this one is a purebred of hardo. This kickball maniac would step over his own mother’s corpse to ensure he’s on third base with less than two outs. Where does this girl think she is standing innocently on second base and not expecting to get catapulted into space – the majors? Psh. That MLB league eliminated breaking up double plays a few years back thanks to Chase Utley not going “Old School”, but “Good School”. Hey, if it’s not stated in the rules to that it’s illegal Liu-Kang kick someone into (because the league automatically assumes people would be, you know, civil), then it’s legal. You play to win the game, period. If you don’t want to get your head taken off Mortal Kombat style then get off the tracks. Because hell hath no fury like a man who hates his life and paid $50 to play coed kickball every Tuesday night for 6 weeks.

I haven’t seen this type of disregard for chivalry and common sense since that coed kickball warrior steamrolled that purple haired Troll doll on the basepaths.

Sorry, lady. Don’t block the basebaths and you won’t be truck sticked from this Earth. ESPECIALLY when he’s running full steam to the point where he rounded 2nd like a madman when the ball was only 5ft from him. Pure lunacy on the basepaths. Actually kind of shocked he didn’t just Albert Belle’d her into into the next life.