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We Are Officially In Bananaland As Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls Out Floyd Mayweather

I’m not even going to give this the time of day. If I thought it were even a 1% possibility, I would, as I did Mayweather/McGregor for MONTHS while I was mocked relentlessly, told it would never happen, but not with this.

This is Khabib Nurmagomedov fucking around, high off a win, feeling himself a bit, and chirping the entire concept of fighting Mayweather in an ultra-meta call out. He can literally barely keep a straight face and he’s saying the words that he is. It’s a big ol’ publicity move, probably orchestrated by Leonard Ellerbe himself!

That’s all it was, that’s all it is, and that’s all it’ll ever be. Khabib is a smart guy, knows he’d be badly embarrassed, and I’m pretty sure he cares much more about honor than cash. I mean…homeboy still lives with his parents and told the Nevada State Athletic Commission to keep the millions they’re withholding from him currently.

If the pronunciation of your last name is the only difficulty you present to Floyd…you prrrrrrrobably shouldn’t box him!

Mayweather will fight Pacquiao in December and that’ll be that. To show you how TRULY unbiased I am here, Khabib said in a Russian interview over the weekend that he jumped the cage and attacked Dillon Danis at UFC 229 because “Eagles are not meant to be kept in cages, they have to fly.” and I thought it was incredibly badass. So there.

Khabib vs Mayweather is not happening.