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Brazilian Soccer Melee Features More Flying Kicks Than A Mortal Kombat Fight

YouTube – A mad match was played in Brazil over the weekend in which both teams finished the 90 minutes with just seven players each. Potiguar beat local Baraúnas 2-1 in a lower league derby, however the scoreline was only the second most interesting fact after the eight red cards in the game.

Round 1…FIGHT!!! Liu Kangs coming in hot left and right in this royal rumble. The way soccer players flop I’m genuinely shocked someone’s head didn’t come clean off their body to try to force a Yellow Card.

2 Brazilian soccer fight posts in one day? If only they promised this kind of action down there in the World Cup this summer. May be worth tuning into for more than the average this year. And yes, 0 minutes is currently the average in the household of Smitty.