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Sister Jean Is Doing An Awesome Job Of Overshadowing A Pretty Good Basketball Team

Alright, Sister Jean was fun and all when Loyola made the NCAA Tournament. But, I’m officially OUT on Sister Jean and need to get her out of my face because she’s overshadowing what Loyola is doing as a basketball team.

Sure, I get she’s a fun story and all, but how about we talk about Porter Moser instead? How about we talk about Clayton Custer instead? It’s not like Custer is the reigning MVC Player of the Year and returning to Loyola. So while she’s on this press tour and talking about God knows what – where’s the love for Loyola?

Good news, it’s coming from here at Barstool Sports because I need Sister Jean to get out of my face. What sucks is I know there will be 100 stories on her this year. We’ll hear about how her life changed since Loyola made the Final Four and her first pitch and all that other shit, but I don’t care. I want to hear about how Loyola’s program changed. I want to hear about what Moser is building in the MVC.

So I promise you this. Any Sister Jean news won’t be blogged by me (unless it looks like there will be massive pageviews, I’m looking for those). I’m here to blog about Loyola and only Loyola basketball. Get out of my face, Sister Jean.