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This Blog Is For Boston Sports Fans Eyes Only: Tonight Is A Reminder Why Boston Is The Best Sports Town In the World


Disclaimer: This blog is only for people who love Boston and root for Boston sports teams. I’m not trying to rub our greatness in other people’s faces. I’m not trying to brag. If you don’t like Boston than don’t read this.

I want everybody to stop what they are doing right now and take a moment to appreciate tonight. Once again Boston is the center of the sports universe in not only 1 sport but 2 sports. Most cities go decades without having a game as big as we have for any of their pro teams and we have 2 in one night. We have the biggest game of the NFL season and the defining game of Patrick Maholmes career and we have Game 2 of the ALCS. Both of them taking place in Boston. The eyes of the entire sports world will be upon us. It’s so easy to take these nights for granted when we have 20 years of dominance, but we shouldn’t. Sure it seems like we have nights like these at least once a year, but that doesn’t make it any less special. We are lucky to have nights like these. We are lucky to be from the greatest city in the world. We are lucky to be from Boston. Moving to New York and constantly travelling around the country for big games has made me appreciate just how great Boston is. There is no other sports town like it. We are so spoiled that it’s easy to forget how blessed we are. That’s why I wrote this blog. Just so everybody could take a second before the madness begins and thank god for making us Boston sports fan.  To take time and smell the flowers and appreciate life.  So thank you god. Thank you.