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Hey The Astros Won!

You know what? Boston is kinda fun when the Red Sox lose. Sure, the Yankees suck and couldn’t get to this point, but the past is the past. I got to witness Chris Sale unable to reach past 94 mph last night and it was glorious. Hey pal, where was that last series you asshole. Do I wish I wasn’t in Boston for this? Sure do, but that’s part of the punishment and you got to wear it. Walking into the bar and getting booed like that was incredible. Shout out to anyone who went to the Section 10 live show, you guys brought the hate.

Some guy literally gave me the bird for an hour straight.

I would look up and he was still doing it. Honestly impressive.

But yeah when you’re not a shots guy and Dallas Braden is feeding you Jack Daniels shots for every run the Astros scored, you’re going to wake up with no recollection of your night. You might wake up with a giant cut on your hand and texts saying you were drinking your own blood saying you bleed Yankees baseball. That might have happened. You might wake up with throw up on your clothes. You know what? Let’s run it back tonight. I think the plan is STATS in Southie. David Price to avoid going down 2-0 in the series? Oh boy. Let’s dance Boston.