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Philly Suburban High School Football Team Puts Forth A Valiant Effort In 101-6 Loss

Gooooooo Vanguards! So THAT’S what happens when Delco gets too big for their britches and decides to travel into the sticks of Ohio. Middle America has no patience or drive for anything other than football. Ya live and ya learn. When’s the funeral luncheon at Barnaby’s in Aston? Somebody save me a complementary ashtray.

Did I post this absolute emasculation at 12:40 am on the weekend for A) Clicks, 2) To embarrass rival Sun Valley, or D) A convenient excuse to (re)post my high school football highlight film? A: All of the fucking above. We only lost 41-0 to powerhouse Sun Valley my senior year (7-0 at half, nbd but kbd). Roll the tape. Love the Foo.