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Banks' Winter Olympics Blog: Monday, February 10th

medal count mon feb 10

First weekend in the books, and the USA is hanging around in the medal count, taking home another gold and a bronze on Sunday. Norway’s built themselves a nice little lead, but that’ll change once the real sports begin. Not worried in the least.

American Jamie Anderson dominated the women’s slopestyle, taking home gold.

jamie anderson
jamie anderson gif

Which isn’t as impressive when you consider this was her competition.

gasser 2

crash gif 2

Bode Miller was heavily favored to win the Men’s Downhill after setting the track record in training. Bad news for Bode, he choked, placing in 8th.

bode miller

Good news for Bode, he sleeps next to this every night.

morgan beck 1morgan beck 2morgan beck 3

As expected, German Felix Loch won gold in Men’s Luge. Act like you’ve been there bro.


Women’s luge for this Italian broad didn’t go so hot. Love me some runaway luge.

luge fall 1luge fail 2

There’s a rumor floating around that I’m a cake eater. While I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, I CAN say that IF I DID EAT CAKE… it would be this one.

usa cake

Today I’m watching Curling.

burgundy curling

Norway vs. USA at 10 AM. Easy choice. Great matchup to kick off everyone’s favorite obscure winter sport. You’ve got the medal contending Norwegians wearing these diabolical unis:

norway curling

Against the American underdogs:

usa curling

If curling was based on aesthetics of the competitors’ uniforms (which Norway clearly thinks it is), this matchup is a bloodbath. But it’s not. American team just rope-a-doping the shit out of Norway here. They won’t have any clue what hit em. USA wins in a blowout.


Today’s smoke: Lara Gut, Alpine Skier from Switzerland. Huge score for Team Sky today. She’s so flattered to be chosen.

lara gut 1lara gut 2lara gut 3lara gut 4lara gut 5