High School Football Coach Straps On A Helmet And Plows Through The Locker Room Door To Pump Up His Team

Wooooooooooo buddy. That was fucking AWESOME. If that video doesn’t get you jacked up then you never had a pulse to begin with. You’re a dead body if that didn’t get your blood pumping. God damn I was ready to run through a brick wall after that high school football coach ran through an actual door. Blasted it right off its hinges. That video made me wanna turn back the clock, throw on a helmet and shoulder pads and take the field on a Friday night. I’d play for that coach any day of the week. You want to be in a fox hole with a coach who is willing to toss on a helmet and concuss himself in order to motivate his team. I had some crazy football coaches in my day but none of them were willing to go that far and now I feel robbed.

By the way, did that high school team win by 10,000 or what? We need to know. There’s no way they didn’t not win. You don’t take an L after your coach does something as crazy as that. The other team might’ve caught wind of what happened and straight up quit. You’re either the team with the coach who put a helmet on and ran through a metal door or you’re not. The team with the crazier coach is gonna win that game 1,000 out of 1,000 times.