Brian Cashman Absolutely Eviscerated Sonny Gray In Today's End of the Year Press Conference

Oh that was incredible. The deep sigh Cash initially gave when a question about Sonny came up was all-time. Sonny is like Cashman’s least favorite son who failed out of school and has no future. He could be in the best of moods, but when you say the word Sonny his mindset turns to instant rage. When Cashman invests in you and gives up important pieces to get you and you fail him, he will destroy you. That’s part of what makes him so great. He’s so honest with the media. That whole four minute rant about Sonny definitely hurt his trade value, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like that with a guy who is still on the team. In summary, Cashman basically said this whole trade a disaster and the player they traded for never showed up. He pretty much said Sonny couldn’t handle New York and he’ll probably become the pitcher they traded for somewhere else (a last ditch effort to save his trade value).

You won’t find a bigger trade disappointment than Sonny Gray in recent Yankees history. Now that’s not to say the players they gave up were so incredible. Jorge Mateo was never going to fit with this team. James Kaprielian is just getting into game action now in the instructional league after needing Tommy John twice, and his velocity is long gone. While Dustin Fowler is a nice player, he still probably wasn’t in the Yankees future with how clogged their outfield is in the majors and minors. Still, Sonny was brought over to be a rock solid number 2/possible co-ace with Sevy. He never came close. It wasn’t just me who was super excited to see what he could do, this entire fanbase wanted him. It just didn’t work. Some guys just aren’t cut out for New York and need to pitch in smaller markets like Oakland or Kansas City or Alaska. Sonny will go to one of those places and probably do well and it’ll be so fucking frustrating, but he won’t be in New York next season. If it were up to Cash, he’d treat him like Sonny Corleone.