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Morgan Rielly Is Having A Decent Start To The Season And Is Breaking Records Held By Bobby Orr

Toronto Maple Leafs v Chicago Blackhawks

Last night Morgan Rielly broke Bobby Orr’s record for the most points by a defensemen through the first five games of the season, a record held since 1973. Rielly added a goal and an assist last night in a 5-3 win over Detroit to put his season point total at 12 points through five games.

It’s only five games into the season but I think anytime you break a record that has been held for over 40 years by one of the greatest hockey players to ever live, it should get a little spot light. Rielly has been a stud this season and has been so much fun to watch. Not only has he added points in every game this season, but four out of the first five games of the season have been multi point games for him. Not a big deal at all.

This is Rielly’s sixth season in Toronto and I really think he is emerging as a number one defenseman. He’s gotten criticized in the past for not being a true number one, but if he keeps putting up multi point games every night while playing against other teams top lines then I think we can consider him a true number one. Guy is a warrior too, since he joined the league in 2013, he’s never played in less than 73 games. After a 53 point career year last season, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Reilly blows that out of the water this year. The Leafs are so good it’s actually comical at this point.


Morgan Rielly DID go on Biz Nasty Does BC this summer, so I guess we can consider this the Chiclets Bump and who knows, we could just happen to drop an interview with Rielly in the coming weeks. But what do I know.