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Today Is National Coming Out Day, It Is Also National Sausage Pizza Day

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What a coincidence. Out of ALL the days in the year, National Sausage Pizza Day just so happens to land on National Coming Out Day? I’m not going to complain about this because we have the whole month of June, but it does seem a little suspect. National Vagina Day is October 19th and they don’t share it with this milk shake.

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It feels like I’m being trolled. Whatever. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a sausage pizza party on National Coming Out Day. It may help some people feel more comfortable. Besides, it could be worse, it could be National Blood Sausage Day.

Regardless, today isn’t a big deal to me, but for some people this is the biggest day of their lives. Search the hashtag on twitter and you’ll see thousands of people sharing their stories online. The idea is to raise awareness to the LGBT community by acknowledging those who are not seen or heard. I always feel weird writing a sentence like that, but that’s what it is.

Shout out to all the closeted Stoolie’s out there who may or may not be thinking about coming out. And also Happy National Sausage Pizza day to all the disgusting people who celebrate that.