Lil Xan May Or May Not Have Dropped An N-Bomb During An Altercation In A Mall Food Court

Ehhhhhhhhhh did he say it? Or did he not say it? Tough to say. I’m getting mixed reports on the internet about whether he said it or not. Some websites are saying he for sure said it after yelling, “I’m rich!” at the beginning while others are just saying he got into an altercation at a mall food court and that’s it. Let’s think about it for a second. On the one hand, Lil Xan wouldn’t say it because he definitely shouldn’t say it. He can’t say it in fact. Not only is it wildly disrespectful but it would (hopefully) ruin him and he wouldn’t be allowed to be a rapper anymore because he’d be a racist piece of shit. So that’s the case for him not saying the n-word in that mall food court.

On the other hand, this is what Lil Xan looks like

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 2.15.24 PM

People forget that Lil Xan looks like that. And a person who looks like that is liable to say just about anything. Nothing all that shocking can leap outta his mouth because we’re all already stunned by his appearance 24/7/365. So would it surprise any of us if Lil Xan decided to start throwing around the n-word? I’m gonna speak for all of us and say no it wouldn’t. By the way, I wanna say loud and clear that I’m not saying Lil Xan said the n-word in that food court but I am saying he might’ve said the n-word in that food court. I’ll leave it up to the masses to decide.

PS- Mall food courts were the place to be back in the day. You’d go scroll through the sexy posters at Spencer’s then you’d grab a slice from Sbarro and flirt with the girls from your class who just got dropped off by their parents. Sometimes a testosterone-filled Hold Me Back scuffle would break out. Those were the days man.

Double PS- A couple handfuls of flamin’ hot Cheetos sent Lil Xan to the hospital but now he’s ready to throw hands in a mall? Okay pal.