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People Who Stay Home For Hurricanes That Are 150mph Are DUMMMIIIEEESSS

I grew up in Jacksonville, Fl and went to high school in Pensacola, and college just outside of Panama City. This hurricane today is going through the heart of what I used to call home. That being said, I’ve seen so many people from my old neck of the woods saying, “we are gonna ride this one out.”

Dummies checking in on Facebook saying, “we aint leaving home cause of some storm. We’ll be here with beer.”

Dumb. DUMB. I really think that “riding out” a hurricane this large is one of the dumbest things you could do. Sure. There are people out there who don’t really have a choice. They don’t have gas money, hotel money, or a real place to stay outside of their area. I understand that and feel terrible for those people.

But if you stay at home because you aren’t scared of a hurricane because you’re “Florida to the bone” or to just “trust the Lord” like my mother in law… Goodness gracious is that stupid. She told my wife that “she talked it over with her neighbor Rita and they decided to stay.” Well, if Rita thinks you should stay… by all means. Must be the right thing to do.

No extra water. No real food options. Amazing.

Rita and my mother in law just hanging out and playing Yahtzee during the worst hurricane to ever hit the Gulf Coast. Pretty normal Wednesday afternoon minus the 150mph winds.

Why on earth would you stay when this big bitch is coming at you?

Even longtime Stoolie Plies is worried about everybody. Plies never worries.

Even if you made a stupid decision, stay safe. It’s gonna be a long couple of days/weeks in the panhandle.