Here's Mumford And Sons Playing "The Cave" To Ten People Outside A Pizza Place Long Before They Were Famous

Trent posted a Travis Scott video similar to this the other day but there’s one huge difference: Travis Scott wasn’t playing fuckin’ Sicko Mode. We’ve seen plenty of “stars before they were famous” videos over the years from NSYNC performing in Orlando malls to a 9 year old Bieber sitting out on the street, but I can’t recall one where the artist is singing their damn hit.

I’m no talent scout but the first time I heard “The Cave” I knew it was a smash. I don’t care if I heard it in an elevator or the background of a porn scene or outside a pizza place in Austin, Texas, wherever it was played I would’ve immediately said, “Holy shit, these guys are going to be stars.” Anyone with a brain should have.

Yet it seems like this guy right here was the only person in the “crowd” who recognized he was experiencing something great. My man didn’t even have to pay his two slice minimum, standing outside the fence and bobbing the hell out of his head.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 11.19.50 AM

I’m honestly getting mad watching this video. The fact that every one of these people didn’t immediately get up and start dancing their asses off at the first “And *Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*” is an embarrassment to the idea that SXSW is for hip people. They should all have to turn in their fancy hats and tattoos.

PS – Mumford is my ultimate fall/winter music. Summer is for country, layering season is for Mumford.

PPS – Here’s the same song one year later.