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The Nashville Predators Just Raised A "Regular Season Western Conference Champions" Banner

The Nashville Predators raised a banner tonight that reads “Western Conference Regular Season Champions” and I’m here to say that I will not stand for it.

I have been a huge Nashville fan for a few years now. Ever since the city welcomed RA and I with open arms a few years ago for the Stanley Cup, they took us in as their own. That and seeing how the fans in Nashville cared about the team made me a fan of the team. But this might change things. Because this is a fucking joke.

This actually makes zero sense. I really don’t understand this move by the Predators on any level. The Preds won the Presidents Trophy for best record in the NHL during the 2017-18 season. You want to hang a banner for that? Go ahead. Best record in the entire NHL doing the regular season is a cool accomplishment (lame).

So I really don’t understand why the Preds didn’t just do that? Why did they have to go and say “Western Conference Regular Season Champs.” Are they really bragging about having the best record in the Western Conference during the regular season? Who does that? That is such an Indianapolis Colts move. They weren’t even the ones who represented the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup? I just don’t understand this move at all.

I’m a big Nashville Predators guy, I am. But how can one get behind this? I hope the lovely fans of Nashville know better than this and think this is an abomination like the rest of the world. Because as former NHL goalie Marty Biron points out, banners should only be raised for Stanley Cups, ECF champs, WCF champs, and winning the Presidents trophy.

For a franchise that has done SO much right in the past 5 or so years, this was a huge misstep and makes zero sense. No one likes participation trophies.