Degenerates Can Now Get A Certificate In Sports Wagering And Integrity

Source –   Online program to focus on law, business of sports wagering, with emphasis on the legal and regulatory aspects and related integrity issues

University Of New Hampshire Law is giving people with a terrible habit a chance to turn it into a career. This is music to my ears and every gambler out there. Then I was soon to realize that it will be dedicated to the business and law of sports wagering. That sounds like a lot of work and definitely wouldn’t be able to read half the words in the textbook. If I didn’t read some of this article, I would have thought this would teach me ways to be a better gambler.

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The best part of this is them including integrity into this course. Anyone who puts money on the line has no integrity whatsoever. This is what I’m going to miss about gambling with a bookie because if you lose your integrity, you find ways to dodge the bookie or find wild ways to pay him. This course teaches how to monitor wagers and how to make gambling the best it can be.

On a serious note, it is wild how legit sports wagering is. It should have been legalized for a while now but the relationship with your bookie is like no other. The trust or non trust, the excuses on Monday when you can’t pay will always be the best. I may have to enroll into this class and see how fast I fail.