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Tuesday Afternoon NBA Time Waster: All 50 Point Dunks In Slam Dunk Contest History

1987 All Star Slam Dunk Contest: Michael Jordan

Alright, we’ve reached the point of the day where you’re ready to call it quits. Itching for freedom so you can go watch the Sox/Yanks, I understand that feeling. That’s why today, I figured we’d kill the rest of the work day with a video everyone can enjoy. Who doesn’t love dunks? To take that one step further, who doesn’t love perfect 50 Slam Dunk Contest dunks? Everyone loves those and that’s not me talking that’s science.

Some may say the Dunk Contest isn’t what it once was, and to some degree I could go along with that. Nothing is worse than watching a 7 footer attempt like 10 dunks and miss them all. Totally kills the buzz. But that’s why we aren’t focusing on that today. Today we look at dunks that helped shaped the Dunk Contest over the years and even some that to this day are still extremely impressive. So kick back and relax and enjoy this quality 15 minute video and before you know it you’ll be out the door.

Great job today everybody, you put in some quality hours in the cube. See you all tomorrow.