Goodfellas In Lexington Is Getting Ripped Apart By Angry Pizza Fans After Kicking Me Out – Goodfellas Pizzeria owner Alex Coats said Tuesday morning that he and his partner Eric Boggs watched the business standing they’d built disappear. “We’ve been working at this for 13 years and it went down the drain in a matter of hours,” Coats said. The phone lines at the business and at stores in Lexington, Cincinnati and Indianapolis lit up with what he described as “hate calls. We had to shut down the phones,” he said. Coats said they knew that Portnoy and Barstool Sports were in Lexington and had alerted managers to be ready in case he dropped by; he’d reviewed their Indianapolis location a few years earlier and liked the pizza. So he wanted Lexington to be ready. “Unfortunately, we dropped the ball,” he said. “They served him a cold slice of pizza and it escalated from there.”Coats said that Barstool came in on Thursday evening, and he’d heard “it went bad,” but he didn’t know how bad. “We try to instill in everyone that we hold a super-high standard, and we want the best product at all times. That’s what upsets us the most,” he said. “We’ve dropped the ball, all we can do is own it, correct ourselves and learn from our mistakes.”

So in case you missed it my pizza review from yesterday is going viral primarily because I got kicked out half way through it. Now people are ripping Goodfellas apart. Their yelp page is a dumpster fire and the local news is covering it.   The One Bite App is not great.  I got to be honest. I kinda feel bad for them. Yeah the dude who kicked me out was an asshole and my guess is an asshole most of the time, but I have eaten at the Goodfellas in Indy before and liked it. And I did think this Goodfellas seemed like a pretty cool spot before the pizza drama began. Now the fact that they’d serve an ice cold slice without asking if the customer wanted it warmed up is really bad, but it does suck to have a random review ruin your entire customer service relationship. That’s not what I try to do with these things.  I guess sometimes the pizza game teaches you hard lessons. So yes next time I’m in Lexington I’ll gladly give this place another shot.  Davey Highroads indeed.

PS – This is exactly why we don’t call ahead.  I don’t want special service.  It’s supposed to be how an average customer would be treated.  In fact I think by far the bigger crime was giving me the ice cold slice rather than kicking me out.   You have to ask the customer if he wants it warmed up.  It’s pizza 101.