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Chris Bosh Gets Completely Embarrassed By His Son On National TV

I imagine there’s a moment in every father’s life where he thinks he’s failed as a father. For Chris Bosh, this is that moment. Eleven-time All Star, two-time NBA Champion, first ever human/ostrich hybrid to play in the league and his son has no idea. You can see the life slowly drain from his face when he asks the question; what you don’t see is him punting his son across the stadium once the camera cuts away for embarrassing him on national television. He even tried to cut him off by telling him to, “just say yes.” Like he knew a truth bomb was about to be dropped and that was his last attempt at preventing it from going off.

The whole thing overshadowed the reason for the interview in the first place: for Chris to remind everyone that he isn’t retired.

Yawn. Nothing worse than an athlete who doesn’t know when to call it quits. If Chris wants to avoid this type of situation in the future, he needs to go home and teach his son the basics of balling. Rappers want to be ballers, ballers want to be rappers, Lil Troy, etc. etc. You’ve got to feel bad for the guy. That’ll be the last time he ever takes his son to a game.