God Damn You Tom Thibodeau

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves - Preview


Jesus Christ Thibs, what the hell is your problem. Once again we were told that a MIN/MIA deal was basically done, finally shipping Butler to MIA and giving that snake oil salesman Pat Riley is coveted star. Woj even told us they were sharing medicals and were about to finalize, only for Thibs and MIN to come back and ask for more. UM HEY TOM STOP BEING A DICKHEAD.

Everyone hates this person. You know the type. Think of your fantasy football league where you spend all this time finalizing a package, and then all the sudden the team you are trading for wants to throw in an extra running back or wide receiver. Fuck you pal we had a deal and just because you’re getting cold feet you don’t get to ruin all the work that led up to this deal because you feel like you deserve more. For the one millionth time, Thibs, you do not have leverage in this situation. You heard Woj, there’s nothing else out there for you right now. You may not like it, but you have to take Pat Riley’s deal. The season starts in 8 fucking days, you honestly think Butler is going to change his mind? There is no “buying more  time”, just take your lumps and get on with it. The longer MIN carries this ordeal out, the more it poisons their team, I just don’t get it.

It sounds like Josh Richardson was involved in this iteration

and I’d be interested to see what the full package was, and what exactly the “more” was that Thibs asked for. Could it have been Kelly Olynyk? I mean that happened in my 2K myGM mode, Olynyk got traded to MIN, but I feel like the Heat would want to keep the stretch big. I just find it annoying that every day I’m sitting here, ready to blog the finalized trade, and each and every time we get cock teased. That’s just the level of frustration I have as a blogger who doesn’t even really root for MIN. Imagine what this is going to their fans? It’s already been a brutal summer for them, this is just torture.

So Thibs, call Pat Riley back, say you made a mistake, and let’s push this trade through so we can all be done with this mess. Thank you.