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Frankie Fins Fan Week 5 Ryan Tannehill Is the Absolute Worst

The Miami Dolphins who we thought they were, and they suck. Crown the Patriots ass now the division race is over again. Exposed badly in Foxboro last week and melting down after hold a 17-0 lead this week against the Cincinnati Bengals show they are poor pathetic loser team that will be no better than 8-8 again.

Simply pathetic, the Dolphins did great things early, with another interception in the red zone, but it all went down the drain with stupid penalties, bad play calling and a pick-six that made Ryan Tannehill look like a New Jersey Transit Bus Drive, dumb incompetent and causing accidents. I am done with this bum, DONE D O N E. I have called Ryan Tannehill, Ryan Bennyhill, I am wrong Benny Hill is better more athletic and more coordinated this absolute total BUM.

Awful, terrible disgusting, those are the three takeaways from this hellish loss in Cincinnati. It’s not bad enough, that they blew a 17-0 lead, but to allow 24-unanswered in the fourth quarter, with 14 points coming from our gracefully inept incompetent terrible quarterback. Ryan Tannehill memes should replace that guy trying to wash his car, as he falls over his bucket because that is how this horrific bum played in the fourth quarter.

Stupid, beyond stupid is the only way to describe the pick-six that turned the game, as he literally looked like he was throwing blindly as he was about to be sacked. The Dolphins still had a 17-10 at the time and should have been focusing on protecting the lead. A sack hurts, but you can hold the lead and get your defense to make a play like they had been doing all game. However, Ryan Tannehill thought it would be fun to see what happens if you try to throw a pass as if it were a basketball hook shot. This led to a 22-yard pick-six by Michael Johnson.

After a three and out the Bengals got the ball back and drove down and took the lead with a field goal, if not for the awful interception that field goal would only make it 17-13 instead the Dolphins trailed 20-17. So trailing what do the Dolphins do throw backward passes. I understand the line is hurt but if you are throwing passes behind the line with a bad line won’t that result in a loss of yards. YES and it did. Following a false start, the Dolphins offense continued to be in full retreat as Tannehill was sacked, stripped and leading to another Bengals score to end any hope of winning.

Ryan Tannehill added a third turnover in the fourth quarter on the next possession as the Dolphins lost 27-17 heading back to NFL hell where they will get shutout next week by the Bears and Khalil Mack. The misery never ends. Also, Laermy Tunsil and Ju’Wan James are now certified Robert Gallery style busts. The Dolphins can’t pick anyone on the offensive line, this is what happens when you have a coach too busy snorting lines. However, it doesn’t matter as long as Ryan Trashhill sucks at quarterback the Dolphins will be a dumpster fire.