Big V For Houston Sex Workers As Robot Brothel Denied

This week the City of Houston proposed an ordinance that would block anyone from having sex with robots at any business in the city, and yesterday it passed.

If you live in the area & enjoy having sex without having to buy someone Red Lobster first this could be a real bummer, but don’t despair. You can still buy them from shops in the city; you just have to wait until you get to your car or home to start gettin’ weird with it.

I imagine if you’re a sex worker (no shame to the game!) this is a big victory. It must be sort of what cashiers & production line workers feel when computers come in & start doing everything instead. I feel a bit torn over the whole idea of sex robots in the first place.

On one hand I’m a pretty big proponent of letting your freak flag fly & doin’ you when it comes to sex. It’s not really anyone else’s business… whatever floats your boat (obviously as long as all parties are of-age, it’s consensual, etc. etc.). But it’s also hard to deny how much these robots objectify women with their barbie-esque double-Z boobed bodies. But then I flip again & think the same guys who use these instead of treating actual women that way might be for the best… Who knows. And us ladies have kind of been doing the same thing for a hot minute, except we only need one part of what would be a dude-bot I guess. Either way it’s an interesting debate but overall I don’t see what the big fuss is about.

From USA Today:

A Canadian company that already operates an “adult love dolls rent before you buy service” in Toronto had hoped to open a location in Houston and even started construction before running into permit issues that halted work.

The company, KinkySdollS, sells and rents human-like dolls that can cost more than $3,000 each.

Prior to the council’s Wednesday vote, locals had organized to express their concerns; a petition speaking out against the business gained more than 10,000 signatures.

“A business like this would destroy homes, families, finances of our neighbors and cause major community uproars in the city,” said Pastor Vega, one of the speakers at the meeting.

“As a woman, I am concerned and horrified to see where our society is taking us,” Virginia Mireles said.

One council member said he planned to record the business’ patrons entering the building and shame them online.

“I know there’s some people that will sit there and say, ‘What does the City of Houston have to do with any of this?'” said councilman Greg Travis. “And the answer is ‘We’re not getting into your bedroom, but don’t bring it into our district. Don’t bring it into our city. This is not a good business for our city. We are not Sin City.'”


Couple of things…

1) – A company that lets you take a sex robot for a spin before you buy it… Exactly how many people are taking that robot for a (sit n’) spin? Yikes.

2) That last part of the news story with ‘Councilman Greg Travis’… my goodness. I suppose I get not wanting it around your area but threatening to film people & shame them for visiting a robot sex brothel is a crazy person move. The people who do that outside of abortion clinics = awful people. The people who would do it after somebody gets their rocks off in a rubber pocket that looks like a lady = awful people. The people who do it to catch whoever is letting their dog shit all over the neighborhood = actually great people. Just stick with that one.