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Phils Win! Phils Win!


Offensive explosion! Been saying it all along this team has the lineup, bats and veteran leadership to go all they way*, and today was just step 1 of 162. Multi-hit games left and right, including Ryan Howard who STILL managed to record more K’s than hits. Not even mad, I’m impressed. A little disconcerting our $25 million ace gave up an 8 spot in only 5 innings, but hey, as long as my new best friend** “Byrdie” remembers to take his testosterone before the games then we have it made in the shade.

Magic number: 89.

*Legitimately may have scored all the runs they’re going to until the All-Star break. Way to waste it boys.

** He can hit 162 dingers and I will still despise that fat sauced up face.