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The First Krispy Kreme In Ireland Had To Close Its 24-Hour Drive Thru Less Than A Week After Opening Because The Lines Were So Long And People Were Honking In The Middle Of The Night

Irish Independent- Popular doughnut joint Krispy Kreme will be closing their 24-hour ‘Drive Thru’ traffic after neighbours expressed their frustration over late-night noise and “honking cars”. The new outlet, a branch of the US doughnut chain, opened last Wednesday and was operating on a 24/7 basis with a ‘Drive-Thru’ facility.

Residents in the area spoke to yesterday about the late-night noise pollution and shared extraordinary footage of dozens of cars beeping their horns in the shopping centre carpark in the middle of the night. “We’ve listened to our neighbours and we’re making changes,” Krispy Kreme CEO Richard Cheshire said in a statement issued today. They said they will be closing the late-night ‘Drive Thru’ facility from tonight and are now involved in discussions with the council for a long-term solution to the issue. The store will remain open and the in-store queue time has been estimated at 10-12 minutes.

The ‘Drive Thru’ will now be open between the hours of 6am and 11.30pm.

Damn it feels good to be an American after reading that. We give the good lads and lasses from the Emerald Isle a mere taste of American cuisine after years of eating boring Euro food and they lose their fucking marbles by turning someone’s backyard into the last scene of all the people driving to the Field of Dreams. I could see waiting in traffic like that for a free iPhone, car, or blowjob. But a dessert that you don’t have to leave the car for? Get the fuck out of here. And that’s coming from someone that loved drive thrus as just an everyday fat person and relied on them once he had kids he did not want to take out of their carseats.

I will admit however that putting a bunch of hungry Irish people in cars after a long night out and making them to wait in line forever only to see the Hot Donuts sign turn off once the reach the front is an EXPLOSIVE combination to say the least. Can you imagine what it would look like if Uncle Sam gave Ireland the good stuff and opened a Dunkin’ Donuts across the pond with their delicious 2 for $5 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese special? The streets of Dublin would look like Yankee Stadium after a Yankees fan sees an A’s fan quietly minding his business while watching his team lose a Wild Card Game they trailed for almost the entire time. Absolute chaos. Just kidding, the Irish have more sense and better manners than that.