Conor McGregor On Conan - "Khabib Nurmagomedov Has Wrestled A Dagestani Bear, But He’s Never Wrestled An Irish Gorilla."

You think this fuckin’ shit scares McGregor? Ha.

I don’t think anybody understands. I really, REALLY don’t.

Everyone I’ve spoken with, from McGregor’s coaches, to his sparring partners, to those that have just been around it all in this camp, are all saying the same thing – The Notorious has never looked better. Never in his career. He’s taken the Proper™ amount of time off, letting all injuries and wounds finally heal, and he is returning to the game now with an absolute vengeance. They all say the same tings.

“He’s never seen a wrestler like Khabib!”, or “He’s been away for too long!”, or even “He was too emotional at the Press Conference, he’s lost his mind!”

You’ll see on Saturday night that those who choose to focus on silly “critiques” such as these will have just been wasting their time all along.

Conor will step into the cage calm, cool, composed, and calculated – he’s literally fascinated with the ability to keep composure in a fight and can’t mention Floyd Mayweather’s name without speaking on how good he was at that in the boxing ring – he will blast Khabib Nurmagomedov with the double barreled shotguns he calls fists in the very first exchange, he will stun him, he will hypnotize him into having a false sense of safety, and then he will put him to sleep. It will be a devastating KO. Trust me on this one.