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Brooklyn Homeowner Finds Drunk Maid Blacked Out In Their Liquor Cabinet

NY Post – The only thing these maids cleaned out was the liquor cabinet! A Brooklyn woman expected a spick-and-span home when she hired a cleaning company to tidy up her Williamsburg pad. Instead, the maids trashed her apartment, ate her ice cream, guzzled her booze — and one of them even passed out drunk on the kitchen floor. “I hired two ladies from Joanna’s Cleaning Service in Brooklyn and they didn’t clean a thing, just drank all my liquor and f–ked up my home,” fumed Genevieve Snow, 29, in a now-viral Facebook rant posted Monday. “My roommate came home to one of them blacked out face-down in our kitchen and the other long gone. My spice rack was smashed, my marble coffee table upended which smashed a stone bowl, keys were gone, booze was gone and chocolate ice cream left on the sofa.”  “I walk in and see bare feet — she is literally lying right here,” Nepomuceno said, pointing at her kitchen floor. She left the apartment in horror and called the cops — and when they all returned, the maid was awake, sitting on the couch and digging into a pint of ice cream. “She is licking ice cream and hammered, beyond hammered. She drank one whole bottle of Broker’s Gin and [most of] a bottle of Kettle,” said Nepomuceno.

If I returned to my cleaning lady passed out in my liquor cabinet like some sort of drunk raccoon that got into my garbage, you know what I’d do? I’d thank her and tip her and say “see you in a couple weeks!” Because there is nothing more awkward than interactions with your cleaning lady. Even that name…”Cleaning lady…” Yuck. Is that what they prefer? Maid? Housekeeper? I dunno what to call them because you know what they really are? Fucking slaves, man. Its like hiring an indentured servant. I know that you’re paying them. And in some cases, pretty well. But bottom line is you have someone show up to your house to do all the work that you consider yourself above doing. If you have to be around that, thats the most awkward shit in the WORLD. Like you see them on the way in or out? “Good morning! Have a good day scrubbing all my toilets. There’s like, I dunno, 80 bucks on the counter!” “Good evening! I can see the sweat on your brow and the look of disgust in your face! Place looks great though!” And God fucking forbid if you’re in your place as they are working. They are cleaning up your worst fucking messes while you just sit there on the couch. Lift your feet, you lazy fuck! The vacuum is coming through!” Its deplorable.

So if your housekeepermaidlady happens to get all liquored up and rummage through your belongings like a hungry bear stumbling upon a campsite, consider that the cost of doing business. Consider it a rebellion against the fact that you are contracting them to do the most demeaning work imaginable. They come once every couple weeks or once a month and leave your place immaculate – if every now and then you gotta throw their dead body in an Uber and replace a bottle or two of gin, so be it.