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Two Fighters That Have Delivered Two Of The Biggest Knockouts In Rough N Rowdy History Are Facing Off Friday Night

When I saw Milkman and Cowboy Kevlars promos prior to Rough N Rowdy 4 I thought they were both just your typical gimmicky clown shows that come in to Rough N Rowdy cocky as hell but then get their ass handed to them by some big country boy who can barely speak english. Well no no no not so fast my friends. Not these two. They both talked the talk then walked the walk…and then some.

Take the Milkman. He delivered a bodybag to his opponent in the first round with a vicious jump uppercut. Yes, thats right a jump uppercut. Watch it here…

Then you had Cowboy Kevlar who had a much tougher draw but still delivered a devastating knockout in round 2.

Bottom line, I can’t wait to watch these two guys get in the ring and tee off on each other for 3 rounds.

Official prediction: Pain and a knockout.