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I'm On Vacation But I Had To Take A Second To Shout Out The NCAA For Another Brave Effort To Stop Players From Getting Donations For Life Threatening Injuries

AAAn increasingly popular response to media coverage that raises questions about your organization is to try and blast the reporting of the media outlet in question, whether with cries of “Fake news!” or something a little more subtle. But if you’re going to do that, you should probably have some proof that the key part of what they’ve written is actually inaccurate. And so far, NCAA PR types appear to have gone after SB Nation (for an article about the NCAA telling Tennessee State to stop outside GoFundMe accounts for injured linebacker Christion Abercrombie) without providing that proof.

Earlier Monday, two other GoFundeMe pages were launched by individuals — Fachon Reed, the sister of TSU coach Rod Reed, and Nashville resident Jake Waddell.

Those accounts were taken down at TSU’s request because of a potential violation of NCAA rules. The NCAA also told TSU any other crowd-funding attempts may put Abercrombie’s eligibility in jeopardy.

Buongiorno!  I’m in Italy right now but I saw this story pop up and just couldn’t keep myself away from my computer.  There are some things you just can’t take a break from and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy myself tonight if I didn’t at least take a second to shout out the NCAA, who ONCE AGAIN shows they have the courage to do what nobody else would do.  One Reags blog is not enough.  People aren’t showing the NCAA the respect they deserve.

When Tennessee State linebacker Christion Abercrombie went down this weekend with a “life threatening” head injury which required emergency surgery that left him in critical condition, what did everyone do?  They sent thoughts and prayers.  They grabbed their checkbooks and opened their Venmo accounts and flooded a GoFundMe page with thousands of dollars to help support Abercrombie and his family as he tried to recover.  Yes I couldn’t believe it either.  Luckily the NCAA was keeping a watchful eye on everything because they knew what this kind of thing can lead to.  You support one life threatening injury next thing you know everyone is supporting life threatening injuries and draining their bank accounts to save lives and the economy shrivels up and nobody has any money left to buy the Big Ten Network.  They shut that thing down so quick it would make your head spin, literally, because they shut down money to treat a head injury.

They sent their PR team out in full force to defend themselves from all the trash talkers.

Yeah so they won’t say what any of the inaccuracies are.  So?  Yeah they shut down the GoFundMe.  What’s it to you?  They’re working with Tennessee State to run their OWN donation account which will be live in about 2 weeks probably which is 2 weeks after everyone had Abercrombie on their mind and rushed to donate.

It’s called bravery and integrity.  Sometimes you have to do something people don’t like just because it’s the right thing to do.  You have to make them swallow their medicine because it tastes gross, but it will be good for them in the long run.  In this case you have the shut down the outpouring of money for a catastrophic injury in order to protect…future players…from…receiving money for head injuries?

Grazie NCAA.  Grazie and buona notte.