I NEED Kobe To Come Back Out Of Retirement And Join The Lakers

This is conflicting for me, because I hated Kobe Bryant the player with every fiber of my being. However, since his retirement, I find myself not hating him as much. I enjoy that series he has on ESPN+ where he breaks down guys game and whatnot, and honestly Retired Kobe isn’t all that bad. Actually tolerable is how I would phrase it.

Which is why when I watched this video and heard him talk to Ellen about coming back to play on the Lakers, it became apparent to me that I NEED this to happen. I don’t care what he said, how there was no chance and how he isn’t even playing basketball right now. Doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. I need him to come back not only for LeBron’s reaction, but for all the Kobe Stans that have had to swap their standom to LeBron. I need to see what would happen to all of their heads and how quickly it would take for them to explode.

I can not think of a old, washed up retired Kobe on the same team with LeBron/Rondo/Lance/etc. Kobe getting all mad because that’s just in his blood even though he wouldn’t be able to do a fraction of what he used to on the basketball court. LeBron would feel so insecure about his role on the Lakers he would start his social media subposting again. Rondo would do his best to kick the shit out of Kobe simply because of his Celtics blood. It would be fantastic. And honestly what is Magic waiting for? What’s the point of having an open roster spot if you AREN’T going to give it to Kobe? Sure he is saying all the right things now, but I feel like that can all change with one phone call from Magic.

And look, he doesn’t even have to play. I just need him on that bench taking up the last roster spot. I need to see the Kobe stares when LeBron messes something up or when Lance goes all Lance. That’s the type of comedy that will get me through the sickness that will potentially be caused by watching this team play. I say if the Lakers don’t have anyone in that roster spot by February, bring Kobe back.


You know LeBron caught wind of this and immediately called Magic to confirm it is in fact not happening. After dealing with questions about how he is going to win over fans in LA, no chance LeBron will allow a potential return, even if it’s the most ridiculous idea on the planet that has no chance of happening. LeBron definitely called.