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The Injury Gods Can Go Right To Hell

2018-19 Boston Celtics Media Day

Fuck you Injury Gods. That’s my honest opinion on this matter. Was last year not enough? I know you were giving us a little karma for how Danny acted over the summer, but we have paid our dues. Now we can’t even go one fake game without a key member of this team getting hurt? Sadly, this was not surprising news to me, because as you know the stoolies are everywhere and they are always watching. Well this was tweeted to me yesterday

and the more time that went by that I didn’t hear any beat guy or even the team say anything about Horford’s wrist, I knew something was up. The thing is, a “sprain” isn’t that big a deal if you want to try and lie to yourself. Who knows how long it will linger or how it may impact Horford’s release. He’s sort of an important piece to this whole puzzle if you ask me. The other thing that I can’t shake is since when can we believe the Celts when it comes to injuries/recovery timelines? I feel like it’s always way worse than they originally tell you, and takes weeks longer to recover than they think. Does this mean I am now SHOOK waiting for a ShamsBomb that tells me Horford needs wrist surgery and will be out like 3 months? Here I was hoping to have a nice little Sunday and you can damn well throw that out the window.

God dammit.

So please, take time today and pray for Al Horford’s wrist. We all have to do our part this season with the heightened expectations, so give him a quick shoutout to the man upstairs. For those counting at home, this is now a 20 point blown lead and an injury to a main player to start the 2018-19 season. Classic Celtics.