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Europe Wins The 2018 Ryder Cup

Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Europe just sealed the Ryder Cup after Phil Mickelson put one in the drink during his singles match against Francesco Molinari. A very fitting end to the 2018 Ryder Cup. Molinari was a mother fucking beast, went 5-0 and was the MVP for the Europeans. Tommy Fleetwood was a monster as well and played with Molinari all week. Mickelson went 0-2 for the week and Tiger went an unbelievable 0-4. Although believable at the same time because Tiger stinks at team golf, always has. Tiger being shitty at team golf and hating all of his teammates might be the biggest sign that he’s Back. He won at East Lake last week and was lovey dovey with everyone but that seems like a million years ago now. You just can’t have two of your main guys go 0-6 and expect to come even close to winning the Ryder Cup. I would like to point out that Tiger’s teammates didn’t do him any favors. Not an excuse. Just a fact.

On paper, this was supposed to be the best American Ryder Cup ever assembled. After taking 3 outta the 4 points during Friday morning fourball matches it looked like we were gonna dominate but then we got swept in the afternoon matches. And then Europe took 3 out 4 on Saturday morning. And then Europe took a 10-6 lead heading into Sunday singles. We needed a big performance from our horses today to stage an all time comeback and we just didn’t get it. Tiger lost. DJ lost. Spieth lost. Phil lost. It was a disaster. The only person who did his job was Justin Thomas so shoutout to him. Team USA’s Ryder Cup drought on foreign soil extends all the way back to 1993. Brutal. Congrats to Team Europe I guess. Not.

Shout out to Paulina for standing by her man even in defeat

All class.