So This Is The 2-Minute Horror Short That Is Scaring The Pants Off Of The Internet

I like me a good horror film, when they’re well made. Unfortunately nothing has really been anything worth getting it up for in the past couple years. I’m talking The Shining and The Exorcist levels of scary. A few flicks have been given good reviews, but then again the scariest part about The Conjuring was watching Peter from Office Space struggle living with 6 women. I guess The Ring, 28 Days Later and Insidious are recent and decent horror films, but this 2-minute dingy hits the spot. Short, sweet and freaky. Expect it to be picked up by the same money hungry assbags who do Saw and Paranormal Activity for millions and be made into a 2.5 hour film that goes more nowhere than a Malaysian flight.

Get scared, go under the covers. Everyone knows you’re as invincible as Superman under there. Adult Kid logic 101. Screw it, tactic works beautifully for adults, too. Heard a noise coming from the closet the other night and those blankets covered my head so fast you would’ve thought my hair was on fire. There are no Atheists in foxholes or beneath the covers.