Not A Political Blog


Although I have been engaged with other obligations last week and some of this week, that doesnt mean that I havent been able to stop and enjoy the butterfly migration that is currently overwhelming San Antonio and the overall newscycle. The air is as thick as pudding with our winged friends. They are floating. They are flying, and fellas, they are fuckin in the middle of the streets. I dont say that to slut shame. It’s matin szn and the szn is in full swing.

Now, I know what you are thinkin.

“What type of butterfly, Chaps? We talkin monarchs?”

My friends, if I’m talkin butterflies, just assume it’s about monarchs. I only fuck with the best types of bugs and that’s certainly the monarch butterfly.

This type of migration doesnt happen every year. In fact, a migration of this magnitude only happens once every 8 years or so. The life cycles of bugs will literally melt your fucking brain if you think about it too hard. Warning: dont.

My favorite part of the migration? Thank you for asking. My favorite part of this butterfly migration is that, as you know, the monarch butterfly is known for it’s orange and black coloration (markings). Those same markings are synonymous with Halloween! So, while the temperature is still hovering around 90 in south Texas, Halloween is just around the corner.

That being said, my family and I already have our Halloween costumes picked out. We are going to be the cast of the greatest showman. It’s an incredible movie and an incredible idea by us.

See? Not political. From now on.