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Barstool Must Continue To Control Our Own Destiny



windrunn millarrr



So it’s been obviously a wild week here at Barstool. I’m not going to rehash it, but I do need to monetize it. See here is the thing. Advertisers are generally very nervous to stay in the mud with us. It doesn’t matter if we are right or wrong. If a couple morons complain advertisers get cold feet. I’ve known for a very long time that if I had to depend strictly on ad revenue Barstool would die. That’s why it’s so hard for media brands to be authentic. They are forced to go whichever way the wind of public opinion is blowing. And with the advent of social media lots of times the vocal insane minority are the ones pulling the strings. Well not here. You know why we can still give the middle finger to the rest of the internet? Why we can still be the authentic brand that I build 15 years ago? Because we aren’t and never will be strictly dependent on ad revenue. When all the losers complain to our advertisers what do I do? I put tshirts on sale. I’ve been doing that since Milton days. It’s my Green Bay Packers Power Sweep. Oh you don’t like us? How about a tshirt in your eye. That’s how we maintain our independence. And guess what? We’re running it again. We are offering 10% off our entire store in honor of the losers and haters like Will Leitch who predicted our downfall. Oh you think you cost us money? No, no, no. We cost your face money! Buy a shirt this weekend. Buy the entire store. Support Barstool, support America. Support Nantucket Housing Authority. Viva La Stool.

Seriously though thanks. Without the Stoolies we’d be Vanilla ice cream with a side of vanilla. You guys and your non stop support let us do what we do without worrying about what people who were stuffed in lockers their entire lives think about us. Continue to keep Barstool Agenda Free! Buy a shirt.