Philly Brewing Company Creating Pale Stout Beer With Real Brains To Honor 'The Walking Dead'


PHILLY – A gruesome new beer brewed with goat brains has launched, paying homage to the hit zombie show The Walking Dead. The Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia says the animal organs – which are cooked over hot coals before being added to the liquid mix – add an ‘intriguing, subtle smoke’ flavor to the American pale stout. The 7.2% alcoholic beverage will debut on Sunday March 30 to coincide with the season finale of The Walking Dead and has been named the ‘Walker’ after the series’ wandering corpses.

Not even offended by them putting goat brains in the beer. If hipsters want to think they’re being boss and drink it, to each their own. Hopefully the Mad Cow Disease thins out the douche herd. More upset with the fact it’s more pointless, undeserved love for by far the worst show on TV right now. Hasn’t this zombie horseshit run its course already? If the brew is anything like the show it will be the worst beer out there everyone can’t stop drinking. If each case represents a season you’d have to struggle through 3 of them to have something momentous finally happen. Hey, maybe you play never have I ever with the beer like Daryl and that little fake slut did for 20 MINUTES one episode then we can go watch a kid eat pudding by himself! Give some black chick a sword and pay her go on a monologue about how she loves Soy Milk! Quality entertainment, baby!!! Best case scenario for either watching or drinking anything Walking Dead related ends up with somebody getting axed in the face. Preferably yourself after going through enough torture already.

Every time I bash The Walking Dead on Twitter I instantly get called out by dozens of idiots attempting to defend this shit show. More of a butthurt cult fanbase than Beliebers, Yankees fans and the Jews combined. It’s getting to the point to where if you overly defend The Walking Dead, I already know everything I need to know about you. Equivalent to owning Tap Out shirts, playing music loudly through your earphones on mass transportation, being a Cowboys fan, walking around with Ashes on your forehead on Ash Wednesday and never seeing Back To The Future. My mind is made up and I don’t wish to be associated with your kind.