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In A Sick Twist, I Actually Broke Smitty's Brain And He Has Given Me The W

Hand me the Academy Award. In the clip above, I walked over to Smitty’s desk and was like “why does your account keep following an unfollowing me?!” You see, all day, the Clickbait account appeared to be following and unfollowing me. But the thing is, I know exactly why, because it was my doing. Smitty is the one that doesn’t know why, and still doesn’t know why. So I mousetrapped him into thinking I didn’t know what was happening, when in reality, I was the one pulling the strings the entire time. He sat there all day, trying to figure out why his account wouldn’t keep following me. It wouldn’t shock me if he emailed Twitter and reported a glitch.

But the funny thing is, he then blogged that be broke my brain. He didn’t break my brain, he is the one who is freaking out because he had to manually refollow me all day yesterday. Like, 15 times his account unfollowed me for unknown (to him) reasons, and he cannot figure out what is happening. Absolutely cannot.

I went to his desk and did that, because I knew he would pull the footage and blog exactly what he blogged. I literally told John exactly what was going to happen in real time. I’m the reason the account keeps unfollowing me, I walked up to his desk and acted like I didn’t know, so then he would take credit for it, even though it’s not his doing AT ALL. Lyin’ Smit..sorry, Lyin’ Clickbaitsmit lives on!

He has now admitted that he actually has no idea why he can’t keep me as a follower. He knows he has never unfollowed me even once, but he made it all up to try and save face. I mousetrapped him to perfection.

PS: Smitty, if you just watched the tape for 15 more seconds, I literally told John out loud what I was doing to fuck with you. That’s all you had to do. Instead you exposed yourself as a fraud. Hate to see it.