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LSU Basketball Player Wayde Sims Killed In A Shooting At Age 20

Reags is out today (still managed to save like 10 blogs in the Drafts, what a surprise) so I just wanted to get this up quick so it didn’t go unmentioned.  20 year old LSU basketball player Wayde Sims tragically killed in a shooting near the Southern U. campus.  From the outpouring of tweets and comments it’s clear he was an awesome dude and had a big impact on not just the LSU program, but all of the people around him.

Statement from Coach:

Statement from the AD:

There’s a video out there of a fight that supposedly went down and was the cause of the shooting – I’m not gonna post it, but that could explain why it happened.  Absolutely crazy that a 20 year old kid had to lose his life because of a dumb ass street fight.

RIP Wayde Sims.