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Mr. Kraft Actually Just Summed Up The Patriots And Barstool Sports With One Magnificent Quote

As crazy as things get both in football and life leave it to Mr. Kraft to sum up this crazy week at Barstool Sports. Yeah it sucks when jealous hypocrites manipulate the truth, flat out lie, rip things out of context all in an attempt to tear down your legacy. We’ve had impassioned defenses of Barstool Sports from myself, Erika, PFT, Liz, Kayce, KFC etc. But like Mr. Kraft said I’d rather be the recipient than the donor.  This is the price you pay of 15 years of internet domination.  This is the price you pay whenever everybody wants what you have.  Jealousy is a stinky cologne but I’d have it no other way.   And bad news for the losers and haters of which there are many.  We ain’t going nowhere.