Some Kid Pulled Off The Michigan In Overtime

Is drip the new phrase kids are saying that means tons of swagger? If so, this kid has a ton of drip. Brandon Reller is the player who pulled off the Michigan in a recent U16 game in Minnesota and the clip Is pretty crazy.

Imagine walking into school the next day after pulling off a move like this? This kid is 15-year-old, so he is probably a sophomore and I will guarantee he could get any girl in the entire senior class.

Not really sure who this Brandon Reller kid is to be honest. His Elite Prospects page say he plays U16 for the Minnesota Blizzards. I wish you could buy stock in young emerging hockey players. Because if you could, I’d buy a ton of stock in this kid. And of course this kid is from Minnesota. He was probably pulling of the Michigan in Mites.

The confidence needed to pull off this move alone just goes to show how good this kid must think he is. Which is great, you need confidence to be good. And buddy clearly has a ton of it.

Reller was born in the year 2003, so that means he should be eligible for the 2021 draft. I’m going to bet all my marbles this kid goes in the first or second round.