Steve Harvey Finally Responds To Pusha T On The Set Of Family Feud

In the rap beef that no one has even thought of since June, Steve Harvey finally responded to Pusha T. Now, Pusha T never really said much about Steve Harvey other than that Drake’s dad wears baggy, ill-fitting suits, much like Steve. And thank GOD he made such a comparison because without it we would not have been blessed with this simply preposterous two minute ride. I can only imagine the abject horror and befuddlement on the faces of this live studio gameshow audience when Steve Harvey started yelling “Fuck Pusha T” in the middle of his freestyle.

One second one of the original kings of comedy is quoting Joel Osteen, the first guy I always think of when embroiled in a rap beef. Then Harvey starts calling Pusha T “Pusher Tee” like a middle aged, suburban white dad. Why does Steve Harvey hate rap music so much? Seemingly all music after he went after singers, too. Apparently the only songs Steve Harvey fucks with is the Family Feud intro and hymns during Joel Osteen sermons.

I will give it to Harvey on one front though. Nowadays most rap beefs turn into a bank account dick measuring contest, and Harvey’s got $105 more million than Push according to the first numbers that came up when I googled their net worths. Checkmate, Pusher Terrance.